Provenlands fan art

I'm pretty excited about this new scifi game so I had some fun today exploring their concept. It's all fun and games until you trip over a space rhino....

Recent sketches

I've been practicing away, mostly on composition design. Here's a handful of recent studies and quickies.

Goals for the week

Sunday is the perfect day to set some goals for the week! These are some things I'd like to push:

- Exercising the conceptual front-end of my work. Client work has demanded I put a lot of focus on polishing and refining the images I present, but the meat of my work is in the story and worldbuilding. That's what makes my images present an inspiring adventure and not just something pretty to look at.

- Focus more on the message of my work. I want to begin incorporating more of my political beliefs, specifically on gender politics and religion into my art.

- I want to focus more on my work that I'm passionate about and connect with other people that care about the same things. 

- I'd like to spend more of my process taking my images to a point that I'm happy with them.

- I want to sketch more and refine my early process into something more presentable.

- Do more quick explorations that take all the pressure off the rest of the process